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I was thinking of you when I bought this.  An angel for each of my 3 boys. I told Andy the other day when I stop collecting kitty stuff is the day he knows that I've accepted losing you.

Andy has adopted Jude, the old tom from a nursing home.  We couldn't stand the thought of his other alternative - being euthanized.  His behavior was caused by human mistreatment.  I brought him home last May & he is no longer a crabby old man but a 14 year old kitten that likes playing with dog toys.

I "borrowed" this basket from Henry to use for you when I brought you home from the lumber yard. It didn't take long before you were able to crawl out of it but you considered the basket as yours. Unfortunately, Henry did too. You & him had many arguments over it until I finally had to hide it from both of you.

It was fate that brought us together on that Summer afternoon. I wasn't looking for another cat. You & I made 3 trips to the vet that 1st week but we made it past the feedings & making potty.  We learned to keep our shoes on until you stopped teething. Those little teeth were razor sharp on toes.  I caught you drinking my iced tea more than once. You were so silly.. "2 cubes and fresh water please"  If I didn't count the cubes while I was dropping them in the dish, you wouldn't drink it!  You & Henry just loved boxes which neither of you fit in but you managed to pour yourself inside somehow. You would sit & stare at me when you were tired & wanted to go to bed. I noticed how you would doze & catch yourself before you hit the floor. Despite all that hair, you had to cover up at night, sleeping next to me, tucking your little head & purring contently. I've never heard another kitty purr the way you did when you were tired & sleepy.  You got your nickname of "Mommy" by the way you protected your purry babies. Andy & I would play "keep away" with you. We would joke that you'd make a good short stop, better than Ozzie Smith.  You had hid one of your babies in a box & I found it several months later.  Your eyes about popped out of your head & you ran to grab it from me. From then on, that particular color became "favorite baby."   


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